In 2020

Tim Rescala wrote the script, made the music and musical direction for the show Homo Tapiens, celebrating 30 years of the Brazilian Tap Dance Orchestra, having a successful season at the Clara Nunes theater in Rio de Janeiro.

Tim Rescala is making music for one of the main attractions of Parque Beto Carrero, Hot Wheels. Ten years ago, Tim made the music for the park's main show, The Cowboy Dream, still playing today.

 Tim Rescala will do the text, music and musical direction of Pinocchio, his second show with Cia Pequod. It will debut in July at the CCBB in Brasília, and will then be presented at cultural centers in Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

 Tim Rescala will participate as an actor and music director in a documentary about PRK-30, directed by Eduardo Albergaria.

 Tim Rescala is making the music for Vanessa Dantas' web series Infinito, with the participation of his daughter Isabela Rescala as a screenwriter and actress.

 The 2020 season of the Blim-blem-blom program, created and presented by Tim Rescala 9 years ago, will have 10 live streams directly from Sala Cecília Meireles, in Rio de Janeiro.